• Inter-School Music Talent Competitions
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  • Inter-School Music Talent Competitions

“A music competition is a public event designed to identify and award outstanding musical ensembles and/or soloists”. (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
Let’s face it, we live our daily lives, interacting and transacting with other individuals in a wholly competitive environment and on so many different levels. It’s been this way for a very long time but you will agree, the tendency has got a lot more urgent and demanding and if one doesn’t have that special ‘something’ that sets one apart from the rest, then all one claims to be will soon be overshadowed by the next in line.

So, in order to reach any acceptable level of success today, one is almost left with no choice but to join in the competition and strive to remain just that one little step ahead of the rest.
Being able to compete is good thing, an important life skill and a tool that enables many things to happen. Aren’t we all born competitors, and if not, when and how do we learn to compete? Where does this experience come from? Who is there to mentor, coach and guide to illustrate the true value of competition? Life is packed with challenges and gaining recognition for a nonacademic skill is one critical area ALL children everywhere yearn for.

To understand the true value of competitiveness is a vital aspect in the overall development of any young person’s life which I believe is also a part of my responsibility as an adult and a life’s coach. I aim to help students and children I come into contact with, learn about the spirit of being competitive and accepting life's many challenges without going over the top en route to becoming overly obsessed.

What better way for this to manifest itself than via the pure art and language of music? Imagine a world without man-made music and song. <Shudder>
I continue to expand on the experience that most kids are natural born competitors. They enjoy demonstrating their passion and are so excited when they get an applause and are recognized. Exciting indeed! It is up to us adults to take this natural, raw and innocent instinct and shape it using the child’s developing skills and talents which are there, waiting to be discovered. Children are acutely attuned to music, rhythm and song and dance. It is in their blood! You’ve seen it. We’ve all seen it.

In our next article: The vision for these inter-school music talent competitions you can read more about the vision of these annual inter school music talent competitions that have grown into school wide traditions. For now, I’d like to submit to you that if our children are not given opportunities to demonstrate their developing skills and talents beginning from a young and receptive age, where pure innocence is still vibrantly alive and present and inhibitions are virtually unknown, then, it is we, collectively, who do our children a huge disservice. Our children need us now more than ever before.

I ask, why not use the authority, power and influence we adults possess to encourage, support and willingly promote these special skills our talented children are just longing to share not only with us but with anyone who cares, anywhere. “Mommy, Daddy, look at me!” “Did you like that?” “Want to hear some more?” These are powerful calls for recognition and assurance. Moments like these build self-esteem and self-confidence.

I was inspired to launch this musical platform to do just that. To discover, motivate, encourage, inspire and support school-age children perform and demonstrate their special musical skills and talents to a wider audience!

There is no platform I am aware of, that allows school children to showcase their innocent skills and talents on the Big Stage to not only gain local, national or international recognition but more importantly, to enjoy the fever and high charged energy field created by being a part of real live musical entertainment.

University or college level and above have plenty of such platforms. The U.S. Television production “American Idol” was one of my main inspirations. I have watched numerous shows and continue to share in the excitement of the performer.

Watching school age children from all walks of life with dissimilar religious beliefs, race and color and social backgrounds who speak so many different languages all take to the shared big stage and perform live just as their own pop star idols do on T.V. is a true blast! Bringing children from other participating schools and orphanages together, all in one place, watching how they interact with each other, observing the spontaneous dialogues and friendships that form and the pure ‘learning’ from each other that happens here is where the magic of education is enhanced.

The musical and non-musical skills and talents of children from an early age is largely underestimated, widely under recognized and completely lacks promotion and support.

BlackMoss remains committed to change that. I invite you to follow BlackMoss Productions as we take you on a journey and share with you snippets of this extraordinary experience.

~ for ‘tis not the destination that matters but the journey itself ~

Sydney Moss
BlackMoss Productions

The vision for these student centered and focused Inter-School Musical and Non-Musical Talent Productions moving forward is to expand from a Regional Level onto a National Level and eventually up to the International Level, to include all Ten ASEAN member schools and orphanages.

When first introduced to the exciting world of music Sydney knew he had found his true passion. He comes ‘alive’ the moment he steps on a stage anywhere, anytime. Going back far as he can remember, being on stage and entertaining people is the place he is happiest at. Put Sydney on stage then sit back and enjoy the show!

A musician at heart he is reminded of the sheer ‘rush’ he always experiences performing live from a very early age and the pure energy that surges through his very being, has always been special to him. It is this very fulfilling emotion he has always dreamed of sharing with everyone and most recently found the required receptiveness in these eager, young and talented school-age students.

Sure there are talent shows, contests, reality shows and the like that often keep audiences engaged the world over. The question is; which of these entertainment vehicles provide a comparable platform for school-age and orphanage children alike to showcase their unique talent, skills and showmanship? There is none to date! BlackMoss Productions is changing that!

Yes, the original T.V. production, “American Idol” began as the most popular talent search engine out there but not for geared for school-age children. Sydney launched the APIS (American Pacific International School) IDOL back in 2007 at the school of the same name here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It started as a small idea to help give his students a chance to attain musical, non-academic recognition. The students loved it and asked for more of the same the following year. These productions rapidly evolved into an inter-school tradition which the students, parents, friends and faculty enjoy every year since then. The students have a blast!

Seeing these APIS students so energized by the APIS IDOL production, Sydney decided to include all the other schools in the area and the 1st. Chiang Mai Regional IDOL & BATTLE of the BANDS Inter-School music production was born.

Rewriting this article in October 2016, Mr. Moss has decided to rename these student focused productions to something more appropriate for children. These productions are now called The CHALLENGE of the VOCALISTS - BANDS & TALENTS (See Facebook below)

During the productions from 2008 to 2011 this event students used Karaoke playback tracks to demonstrate their vocal talents and skills. This show also has the three stages: Auditions, Semifinals and Finals with a winner for Elementary, Middle-School and High-School.

For the regional event however, each participating school manages its own internal selection process and sends its best vocal representatives for the IDOL segment along with their best school band(s) for the Battle of the Bands segment of this exciting student focused competition. In the 2008-2009 production, the first competition of it’s kind, the school auditorium was sold out in advance. There were close to five hundred seated with many more in standing room only.

The audience was a rich mixture and a gathering of different cultures, business people and special guests of honor. At this event the vocalists (IDOLS) all performed with a real live band to back them from downtown Chiang Mai under flashing and color changing stage lighting and effects. To make this a truly memorable event there was a videographer with three cameras who recorded the entire event and the DVD’s went on sale the following week.

Mere words fail to capture the emotion and atmosphere of that day. You had to be there to feel the high charged energy that seemed to steadily grow in intensity as the event progressed. Accompanying every performer was a thunderous applause, loud cheering, whistling, and screaming, with all encouraging the favorites of the moment to give more than their best. Everyone wanted their candidate of choice to win this sought after title and grand cash prize. This first event of its kind was more than the success Sydney ever imagined it could be.

So, here we are today, with the 2nd. Regional Competition, successfully behind us and the 3rd almost here. This too has the makings of an inter-school annual musical tradition just like its predecessors. Great! Let it happen! The students are ready and eager to perform. It is time we made their young dreams a reality, and yes, it is happening!
From 2010-2011 the Inter-School Competition will be renamed to The Chiang Mai Regional MEGA STAR and The CHALLENGE of the BANDS Awards. BlackMoss needed to do this to pave the way for the national levels and ‘challenge’ does sound more appropriate than ‘battle’ from an educational stand point.

Now, today, in October 2016 Mr. Moss is back and BlackMoss Productions is geared up to launch the brand new production rapidly gaining recognition among children and students everywhere known as The CHALLENGE!

Yes, the dream goes on. What began as a ‘single school’ event, a year later became the 1st Regional event then the 2nd with the 3rd following close behind. The vision was to go National by 2011-2013 and from there the ultimate goal: An International Inter-School student focused Music Talent Competition.

BlackMoss Productions is back and The CHALLENGE continues. Read more about it on the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheChallengeThailand/
This is a first. There has never been anything like this before now for school-age children exclusively. This production is committed to including children from orphanages and homes for the underpriviliged as well.

Stay with Sydney and BlackMoss Productions as he takes this unique children's exclusive production beyond all borders.
Think about this. We deserve our children, you deserve your children but more importantly, your children deserve our collective help, support and encouragement to transition their goals from mere dreams to reality.

Don’t they deserve it?
They do deserve it!

Become a part of this exclusive and children focused production now.

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