Between 2011 to 2016 a great many things have transpired in my 'living-on-the-edge' lifestyle. I have no complaints nor regrets with that at all.

The main thing I noticed all through my 62 years on this planet are the constant 'challenges' I am faced with which I strive to always meet and conquer, head on! I have conquered a majority of them and the ones I didn't succeed with somehow just don't seem to matter anymore. 

I consider myself a creator, a builder, conqueror,

I am thrilled to create and be a part of something that didn't really exist before! I am never satisfied with merely helping an idea or a project along that already existed or was set in motion before I got there.

Maybe this has everything with my upbringing.

My mother (R.I.P) taught me many approaches to living an exciting life and these have become more than just my life's motto. The ones that always come to mind are:
~ Stick to fight when hardest hit, it when things get rough that you must not quit!
~ There are no problems. What you call problems son, start out as challenges. It's when you choose not to meet the challenge that is starts to gradually develop into a 'problem'.

~ Nothing should be impossible because most everything that happens to us or that effects us is basically man-made. So, if man made it then man can resolve it too - Keep looking and you will find a solution.
~ Whenever you want to achieve something you really believe in son, think of basketball. As long as you keep aiming for the ring the ball has no chance of sinking into the basket. Aim higher than the ring and you will notice your chances immediately increase!
~ Only treat others like you want to be treated yourself and never feel ashamed to be wrong or to apologize! 
Well, here's where I say, "Thank you mum!"

Mum taught me so much but she never did teach me how to give up or give in. Before I begin anything important, I do my research, try to accumulate as much information as possible, think the idea(s) through and plan. Once I decide to get started, I refuse to stop or quit until I've reached my objective, my creation! 

All of my life's experiences so far have shown me this journey is packed with all kinds and types of challenges, asking why it is so doesn't really help but aiming higher than the ring without giving up is how the answer(s) appear! 

This is how The CHALLENGE was born! Young children would make very effective adults if there was a way to share these kinds of life-approaches with them exposing them to real-life situations outside the academic classroom environment

This is The CHALLENGE and we will succeed, together!
Isn't that all a part of being a contributing member of society? 
Welcome to The CHALLENGE!