• The 3rd. Annual Chiang Mai Regional MEGA STAR & CHALLENGE of the BANDS 2010-2011
  • Amerian Pacific International School IDOL - 2010-2011
  • Amerian Pacific International School IDOL - 2009-2010
  • 2nd. Chiang Mai Regional IDOL & BATTLE of the BANDS COMPETITION 2009-2010
  • The 3rd. Annual Chiang Mai Regional MEGA STAR & CHALLENGE of the BANDS 2010-2011

Comments 2010-2011:

"A really outstanding evening, Sydney - just fantastic! It was wonderful seeing the kids sing and play their hearts out. Thank you so much for inviting us! "
- Lila Tidwell

"Awesome show tonight, Syd. Thanks for all of your hard work to give the kids such an amazing opportunity to shine"
- Cate

"Congrats on such a successful day Syd & Leona. Thanks for creating a musical community where our kids can showcase their talents and have fun with each other. It was great to see everyone routing for each other regardless to their school. Well Done!!"
- C. Chaney

"I've been following this production for three years now and you are doing a spectacular job for children. Please don't stop, they need you and my kid hasn't won yet but she still needs this event to keep trying!"
- A School Parent

"You are the man Syd! Congrats on such an amazing event. It's a shame that you weren't around on Monday morning to feel the buzz of excitement going around. All the students were congratulating one another and telling stories of what it felt like to perform in front of such a large audience. If that's not success, I don't know what is!"
- Chris Chaney

American Pacific International
School IDOL - 2010-2011

"Dear Sydney,

My name is Steve Costello, and I am Sammy's father. I met you last week in passing, and as I introduced myself, you invited me to Friday evening's "APIS Idol" competition. As a few of Sammy's 3rd grade buddies were performing, we decided to drive back up to campus and catch the show.
Well... I want you to know that as I sat there listening to your opening "Welcome!” I was transformed by the pure positive energy and uplifting spirit of your message. You were simply terrific. You complimented all of the participants in advance for being "risk-takers", and invited the whole audience to recognize their courage.
As a guy who's been involved in education in one way or another, my entire life, I can count on one hand the number of times I've heard such uplifting encouragement from an "educator"! The audience was palpably moved by your sincerity.

Of course, the show was entertaining, and I watched Sam rooting for his friends and hoping for everyone to do well.

Actually, I believe rare guys like yourself present the heart of what a well-rounded education is all about. The fact that you are here at APIS validates my decision to keep him here. Applauding a little risk-taking goes a long way toward preparing Sam's generation for the very plastic Age of Intuition in which they are growing up. And... you make it all seem so much FUN!

Thanks, Sydney.

Please let me know any time if there is anything that I might do to be able to help you keep up your great work.
My very warmest wishes,
Dr Stephen Costello
Costello Brothers Dentistry
Hong Kong
I would like to thank Sydney for producing APIS IDOL this year with our final culminating on Friday evening. It was not an easy week for Sydney and family yet despite the hardships IDOL went ahead and it was not only good entertainment there were some amazing quality performances.  Along with Sydney there was the team of technicians, judges and support staff all doing their bit. Thank you all for a wonderful show and I would highly recommend the 3rd. Chiang Mai Regional Event to be marked on the calendar as another great evening's entertainment and an opportunity to support our students on the big stage.
Thanks to everyone involved in APIS IDOL so far this year.

Ross Hall
American Pacific International School

Congratulations on another GREAT APIS IDOL event!!! I tip my hat to you for all the hard work and time you put into the event and its promotion. When you sang that sweet song at the end, there wasn't one dry eye in the crowd! Well done again Syd!

Best regards,
David Duffus
Athletics Director
American Pacific International School
Well done Mr. Sydney! Another great show for the students!
Weeranut Srion (Om) 
Personal Secretary to the HM
American Pacific International School
Nice one Syd! Another superb show!
Chris Chaney
Activities Coordinator
American Pacific International School

I really enjoyed the show, especially when you sang for all of us on the stage!
Thanks for a great evening.
English Teacher
American Pacific International School
American Pacific International
School IDOL - 2009-2010
APIS IDOL - Semi Finals


"Well done Leona and Sydney. Not even a Power Black Out can stop BlackMoss."
- Suzanne Welch

"It was great to see so many kids with such confidence."
- Kathryn Phillips

"Friday night's IDOL was a huge success and a very enjoyable evening. It was great to see so many students performing on stage, a fabulous learning experience. Students and faculty were also wonderful at enthusiastically applauding everyone. Despite the electricity going out, the evening was a fun and "good vibe" feeling for all. Leona thanks for all your help with the show as well. I know that you, too, play an important role in making IDOL run smoothly. Well done, Syd"
– Gail McMillan

2nd. Chiang Mai Regional IDOL & BATTLE of the BANDS COMPETITION 2009-2010


"Both Friday and Saturday's events were such a success - a superb showcase for our school. Congratulations to Sydney and Leona for their extraordinary hard work in putting these shows together. The whole band competition was inter-school rivalry and camaraderie at its best "
- Peter Welch

"What an AWESOME event. Hearty congrats to you both. So much effort and background work went in to making the event so successful. I know you enjoyed assistance from a small number of staff, but nothing like the effort you guys put into making this the success it was. Feedback from visiting schools was sooooo...positive. And what a plug for APIS. Puts us on the map again for sure. Again, hearty congratulations"
- Rocky and Trish Rounthwaite

"Hello Syd and Leona,
Best wishes to you as you plan for Friday and Saturday nights performances. Thank you for all your good energy and hard work that go into making the IDOL events so successful and a good educational learning for students"
– Gail Macmillan

"Idol just gets better and better. David and I were so impressed by the improvement: the stage set-up; the smooth on-off movement of performers; the short, to the point, MCing; the publications and advertisements and, most dramatically, the sound system, which made such a difference. As a result of that system, the band was able to support the students without overwhelming them, a job they did superbly. Most of all, we were astonished by the improvement in confidence and musical skill of all the performers! What a wonderful opportunity for all involved; an experience those young people will always remember. As Gail will often say, "it's all about the kids!" a good mantra to remember as you try, despite many frustrations, to make this event happen. Well done to you and all who helped. Cheers"
- Mary Lightly

"I heard the music competition went well and the kids were excellent. Great job Syd!"
- Kate Setthakorn

"Hey they're so great man...I can see there was Big Fun on that day and you did your good job too Sydney :)"
- Fa

"Great JOB….Congratulations ka."
– Boong Chaladlam

"Cool stuff. Nice job!"
- William Starner

"I heard the show was an amazing hit!!! Congrats again on the great show!"
– David Dufus

"Here here! Friday night was a BLAST! - I loved the enthusiasm and the spirit abounding"
- Cheryl Charutamra

"You did a very, very good job, Sydney. Congrats!!!!"
- Kwan

"AWESOME!! Coming from Thailand the buffering sucked but it was good to see you still actively involved in people’s lives. You’re a good man Sydney!"
– Henry Millner

"Many congratulations to you for the show, your efforts to get something going where the youngsters can perform live is fantastic, really. My kids are going back to live in Scotland this summer, but they will always remember the Battle of the Bands Chiang Mai 2010, what a great experience it was for them, from the practicing and camaraderie with the other bands and performers during the day, through to the live show at night. Great Job!!"
– Mark Thomas

"Some of them aren’t too bad : ) Especially nice to see you Syd!"
– Wendye Martin

"Hi Syd very cool concert really enjoyed it...thanks"
– Capt. Sean Nicholson

"It's another great show this year Mr.Syd. You should be proud"
- Om