Mae-Mhae Orphanage School
This is just one of countless orphanages out there - If you know of any that could use our support please let us know!
If children are our future what possible future could that be if they themselves have none? These kids have nothing to wake up to each morning and nothing to look forward to each day. They unconsciously, participate in the involuntary process of ‘living and breathing’. No, this is not living and breathing as we, the privileged understand it. All these children can really do is ‘exist’ on a moment-to-moment basis. Spending time with them makes one wonder if they even know what ‘hope’ is! Do they, can they, are they allowed to hope for someone or something to miraculously alleviate their pain and hunger rand replace it with basic human dignity, at the very least? Is this a luxury they have a right to? BlackMoss believes it is and we plan to help make a difference and join in supporting this project. Will you?

A brief background on the Orphanage, school, children and the people who work there:

The Mae-Mhae Orphanage was established in 1959 on 3 Rai 3 Ngan 9 Sqw of land high up in the mountains that belongs to the Thai government and the forestry department. To reach this school is a treacherous feat even for a newer, well maintained 4-wheel drive vehicle and this in dry weather conditions. There are no safety barriers and the road itself is a dangerous narrow serpentine dirt road. Driving conditions in the rainy season, well……….

This orphanage was upgraded to an orphanage school in 2002 as a result of the intense and terrible drug wars along the Thai-Burmese border.
Ms. Joong, a wonderful Thai lady, not a rich millionaire by any means, has been using her own personal finances and began actively supporting this school in May, 2006. She began alone but we hope she will not have to continue alone, as her personal finances are fast decreasing. She and these children need help and they need it now.

The school has seven government employed, extremely low paid, Thai teachers and two even lower paid teacher assistants, one male and one female, who earn a monthly wage of 6,000THB (under $200). Now, even this government budget that pays their wages is in grave danger of being pulled. These two T.A.’s are required to live on site with the children at the orphanage and be available 24 hours a day all year round. The woman struggles to cook meals in a very unhygienic and ill equipped kitchen while the man attempts to keep the children occupied and out of harm’s way. No easy task for either of them.


The education here is based on the national Thai curriculum and is government controlled. Currently the Thai government pays, (are you ready for this?) a whopping 10.00THB (30.00THB=$1.00 approx.) per child per day for 200 days only. For the balance 165/6 days these children are left to their own devices…..what might that be, one simply can’t help wondering? There are no other subsidies at all.

The children living here are between the ages of three to seventeen. At the time of this report (Feb 2010) there were fifty-two boys and sixty-seven girls bringing the total to one hundred and nineteen. Their family statuses vary between orphans, divorced or deceased parent(s) and poor and destitute families that had no other choice but to leave these young children on the streets, hoping someone would take them in since they couldn’t provide for them any longer, a very sad plight indeed.

In order for these children to be effectively integrated into the mainstream Thai society, they require Thai I.D. cards which are not obtained easily. Currently only forty-two of them enjoy a legal status while the balance seventy-seven remain illegal……..uncertain futures await them.

The children living here belong to the Lisu, Lahu and the Burmese, Palong and Hmong hill tribe’s people. These hill tribes live among the following villages:
Paksam Village, A.Wianghang (Burmese frontier) about 230 km from school. A 10 hr car drive.
Lawu Village about 180 km from school. An 8 hr car drive.

San Pa Kia Village about 80 km from school.
Doi Sam Muen, T.Muangkong about 94 km from school.
Muser – Mae Ao Nai Village about 28 km from school. A 2 hr car drive.
Muser – Baan Pa Lo about 27 km from school. A 2 hr car drive.
Pang Dang Village about 31 km from school.
We are joining Ms. Jong by offering our support and we hope you will too.

All the funds raised or donated to this orphanage do not go through any foundations or human rights organizational bodies or groups to ensure all the monies reach these children directly bypassing all administration and customary account maintenance fees. Your money will reach them directly. Donors and sponsors will be featured on this page with sincere thanks from all these children.

The Mae-Mhae Orphanage School desperately needs volunteers who don’t mind swinging a hammer or swishing paint brushes or are generally handy with tools and ideas. Not surprisingly there are much needed basic life sustaining items such as are rice (they currently consume 40kg a day) and simple food supplies, clothes and warm clothes, shoes, socks, linen, blankets, pillows, towels, soaps, toys, games, books…..things all children need.

BlackMoss is proud to announce, after all production costs are covered a portion of the proceeds from these events go to support the Mae-Mhae Orphanage School.
For more detailed information on how you can help these deserving young children please use our contact form !
BlackMoss will keep this link updated as new items come in. Please check in regularly and see the difference you helped create.

The children of Mae-Mhae Orphanage School say THANK YOU!
February, 26.2010
Updated, October 20.2016

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